UX Project Work, Massey University, 2021

Screenshot of bilingual English and Te Reo Maori STEM learning website.

This is a quick post to share a project file from my UX course at Massey University in 2021. The file is too large to upload for a job application. I'll turn this into a proper post later this month.

A major highlight was my UX course. I was part of a 5 person team working remotely across three countries, three time zones, during a pandemic with two natural disasters, an international move, and one major hospitalization. We collaborated on on weekly tutorial assignments and a major design project. Using We achieved an A on our major UX design project - a bilingual English/Te Reo Māori indigenous STEM student and teacher learning system. My major contribution was teaching myself Adobe Xd to bring our wire frame designs to life. I found that my degree in Social Anthropology, especially the urban fieldwork and research are directly applicable to UX and product management.

download a pdf of the project file here

A long format blog post about my experience learning Adobe Xd for this project is here