The Ginger Kiwi Blog is Under Renovation: It's Time For a Complete Redesign

a man and a woman holding hands while holding indoor house paint brushes for painting a room. There are drips of paint all over them. The woman is wearing denim overall shorts and a white t-shirt. The man is wearing ripped blue jeans and a light grey t-shirt

It's Time For a Complete Redesign

While the early 2022 version of this site was functional, I wasn't happy with the design. I'm currently working on a new responsive JamStack static site version of this design using 11ty and Numjucks. It's a fun puzzle taking this new design and creating a site that will automatically update when I post a new article or project either as a markdown (.md) file on my GitHub repository or though Netlify CMS.

The new site will have added accessibility features including a skip to main content for screen readers. In 2023, a theme switcher will be added so readers can choose from at least a dark or light theme, and eventually to large print and/or high contrast.

Note: I'm aware that this 'under renovation' version isn't responsive. I'm focusing my time on replying to inquires by multiple recruiters and prospective clients as well as getting the full, responsive static generated site live.