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Happy Coding (With Cats)!

Grey long haired cat peaking up over a laptop screen. The screen has a Git merging exercise on it and multiple tabs open. There's a set of white bookcases in the background. Some have solid doors, some have glass doors.

Welcome to the Ginger Kiwi Blog! This site is developed with 11ty/Eleventy, Nunjucks, markdown, Obsdian, and css with css variables for colours and fonts - and of course lots of "help" from Boo (my grey cat), as well as Maybel and Kitten. Scroll down to see some of my recent and featured articles, or go the the blog page to see all my articles.

Updates for Fall 2023

It's past time for a redesign of the Ginger Kiwi blog. The new site combines this blog with over two years of writing, with a developer portfolio, while adding a ton of new features, and improving the accessibility. Read the update articles below to learn more.

Nov 13, 2023: Visit to see the new combined, fullstack, Ginger Kiwi blog and dev portfolio being built in public on using Astro, Docker, and SQLite3!

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