Building in Public: The Social Saturday Group Debugging Episode

Photo: a yellow rubber duck wearing sunglasses floating in a pool.

The new combined blog and portfolio site is being built in public. 🛠️

Today (Saturday, November 25th), I spent 4 hours today in a "debugging party" with Lazar NikolovMarco CamposSami Xie, and Paul Valladares on Lazar's Discord debugging errors with my and other devs Astro + Drizzle ORM + BetterSQLite apps. 🥳

Issue: The SQLite library (better-sqlite3) doesn't work well with urls and absolute paths on some node version. So issue with paths, node version and urls, ...

Lazar's comment:

"We solved a pretty nasty bug to be honest. Nothing pointed towards the format of the db file path. Great job everyone! 👏"


"We became node wizards 😂"

✅ Solved! Lazar created an update to his awesome course on Not sure if it's live yet.

It's way more fun debugging with other devs!

If you're a fellow dev looking for community come and join TorontoJS's Slack, in person, and online events!
It's how I met everyone from today.
Also discord has awesome people!

I still have to go back through, tweak a few things, and redeploy. Frontend only version is at:
But off to go skating! ⛸️The rinks are open!

Migrating my .dev domain to a new registrar should be done by Tuesday.

Photo Credit

Rajvir Kaur on Unsplash