French Fridays for Developers - Week 1

'White text on black background on top of a French Flag. Text says French for Devs! Funny and/or useful French quotes for developers. A New French for Devs Quote Every Friday!'

To celebrate getting to 400 days on Duolingo French this week I'm starting French Fridays for Developers. Here you'll find weekly useful and/or amusing French phrases for developers.

Week 1 - March 03, 2023:

“l’interface utilisateur est née de l’esprit d’un développeur Java travaillant sur une machine Windows au début des années 2000.” (translated) ~ Harry Porter-Mills, Head of Technology & Infrastructure at Relay Platform, on Toronto JS Slack

Original English: The UI is something born from the mind of a Java developer working on a Windows machine in the early 2000s”

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Dorian Hurst on Unsplash: