Top 5 Best Practices for SaaS Marketing on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is the best B2B marketing platform because of its 800 million members and professional networking focus []. But it’s also one of the priciest. To get the highest ROI for your SaaS marketing budget use these top five best practices for SaaS marketing on LinkedIn.

1. Target Leads for Quality over Quantity

You want to target quality over quantity so that your leads convert into paying customers. To generate high quality leads use LinkedIn Insights Pixel along with high-intent keywords, and the four other strategies below. LinkedIn Insights Pixel also known as Insights Tag is a small bit of Javascript embedded in your website. It provides in-depth information about your website visitors and campaign reporting.

LinkedIn Insights Pixel

When Directive employed a long-tailed keyword stratgey for ActivePDF their lead volume increased by 296%, the cost-per-action decreased by 76%, resulting in a 238% increase in conversion rate (all QoQ).

ActivePDF's long-tailed keyword results

LinkedIn Insights Tag

2. Try Multiple Single Persona Campaigns

Directive’s Josh Nelson and former director of marketing Brian Bui found that running multiple specific individualized customer persona campaigns resulted in higher engagement and conversion rates. Sponsored content has a frequency of once every four days per ad, so it’s best practice to have four different sponsored content variants within one campaign.

Single Persona Campaigns: Account Structure for LinkedIn Ads - Directive R&D

3. Use Square Images for Direct Sponsored Content

In a 2021 A/B test Sr. Paid Media Strategist at Directive, Tim Davidson found that square images had a much higher click through rate (1.18% vs 0.69%) and lower cost per result ($145.45 vs $212.35) than LinkedIn’s recommended 1200 x 627 pixels rectangular ad size. Square images take up more screen space on mobile devices than rectangular ones and provide users with a larger area to click/tap through on.

LinkedIn Sp Content Ads Square vs Rectangle Format - Directive R&D

4. Use Warm Messaging Ads

Message ads sent to LinkedIn members who have seen sponsored content ads from the same advertiser improves engagement. The results include both a higher open rate and a higher click rate compared to “cold” messaging ads.

Mixing Ad Formats in LinkedIn Ads - Does it work? - Directive R&D

5. Implement an Account Based Marketing Strategy with Quality Content

Account based marketing focuses on targeting specific companies as well as job titles and users specific skill sets. During a 2021 campaign Directive implemented an AMB strategy for TigerConnect. This generated a 111% increase in visits from LinkedIn and a 31% increase in paid leads, quarter-over-quarter with only increasing LinkedIn ad budget by 15%.

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for SaaS marketing. By implementing these five top best practices along with good market research and promptly replying to leads you will have the best return on your marketing budget.

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