Happy New Year

toronto skyline looking across Lake Ontario at night with lots of fireworks

Happy 2023!

I finally have my new JAMStack blog design functional. I've used 11ty/Eleventy, Nunjucks, markdown, and css with css variables for colours and fonts. Next step is to add my blog posts and content. I've already set up a vault in Obsidian for my markdown files for my blog posts.

This time last year I really didn't know how to use Git or GitHub, I'd just started using VSCode, I didn't even know what JAMStack was, ... and I was at the start of a long 6+ months recovering from Covid for a second time. Despite, and partly because of that pandemic challenge I'm happy with where 2022 took me.

I discovered Scrimba via Kevin Powell's Space Travel Website course, and enrolled in the Frontend Developer Career Path. A semi-random scrolling though Meetup helped me find the wonderful Toronto JavaScript community, get involved in fun in person and online events, and meet new friends - including a fellow dev in my neighbourhood who also ice skates. Though the combination of Toronto JS and Scrimba I found Hacktoberfest, particpated in my first open source project, and formed a Hacksquad ("Newbies Slaying Pumpkins"). This led to my starting The Alice in Wonderland Project

2023 is starting out awesome! I finished my 100 Days of Code challenge at the end of December, and am on my 343rd day of Duolingo French. My next challenge is to publish 100 new articles in 2023.

This blog is going live now (Jan 03, 2023: 8pm EST) with both existing and new content being added every weekday in January, 2023.