French Fridays for Developers - Week 3

'White text on black background on top of a French Flag. Text says French for Devs! Funny and/or useful French quotes for developers. A New French for Devs Quote Every Friday!'

To celebrate getting to 400 days on Duolingo French at the beginning of March, 2023 I've started French for Devs Fridays. Here you'll find weekly useful and/or amusing French phrases for developers. (Today is day 415 of French and day 76 of Dutch!)

Week 3 - March 17, 2023:

"Mon code NE FONCTIONNE PAS, je ne sais pas pourquoi." "Mon code FONCTIONNE, je ne sais pas pourquoi."

  • Anonyme

English: _~ “My code DOESN’T work, I have no idea why. My code WORKS, I have no idea why.”

– Anonymous._

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