French Fridays for Developers - Week 10

'Graphic on light orange background. In the centre there's a yellow a medium to dark orange coloured cartoon owl with sunglasses on and yellow flames coming out the back of it. Below the owl in white text it says: "500 day language learning streak!"'

In March, 2023 started French for Devs Fridays to celebrate getting to 400 days on Duolingo. Here you'll find weekly useful and/or amusing French phrases for developers.

Today is my:

  • 500 day of French!,
  • 160th day of Dutch, and
  • 35th Day of ASL (American Sign Language)

Here's this week's French for Devs quote and translation. Thanks to Taz Singh (with his really pretty cat Jane) who was the guest on Andrew's Coffee Chat on Discord last night for the inspiration for this one!

Week 05 - March 30, 2023:

*« Le Règle 90 90: L'écriture des 90 premiers pour cent d'un programme informatique prend 90 pour cent du temps. Les dix pour cent restants prennent également 90 pour cent du temps et les touches finales prennent également 90 pour cent du temps. »

~ N.J. Rubenking*


The 90 90 Rule "Writing the first 90 percent of a computer program takes 90 percent of the time. The remaining ten percent also takes 90 percent of the time and the final touches also take 90 percent of the time.”

– N.J. Rubenking