The Alice in Wonderland Project Updates!

'website screenshot with a black background. white rabbit icon. In purple fantasy style text: The Alice in Wonderland Project. In white computer text: Go down the rabbit hole together to learn GitHub workflows and contribute to open-source!'

🐇 The Alice in Wonderland Project Updates! 🐇

The Alice in Wonderland Project started a lot of enthusiasm, but without much planning during Hacktoberfest 2022.

It's now in redevelopment as an experiential, project based learning open source software project and curriculum to help new developers learn GitHub workflows and Open Source in a supportive, social environment.

Version 2.0 will be ready for new participants for Hacktoberfest in October, 2023.

🐇 This week I've:


Learning GitHub and getting involved in Open Source Software can be overwhelming and intimidating. So during Hacktoberfest 2022, I created an open source repo to help other new developers learn GitHub work flows, learn how to contribute to a remote team project, get involved with open source while being social and making something fun.


The app we build is a text-based vanilla JavaScript game inspired by Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland movie. It will be a bit like The Oregon Trail text based game circa 1980s/1990s.


Blog post with a bit more of the history and future plans.


The Version 2.0 isn't ready yet.
I'm still working on the organizational structure, what the project hr requirements are, and developing a working game in a private repo so I know what order the issues need to be released in so everything runs smoothly.

Until then

  • Become a follower of the LinkedIn page.
  • Watch the project .dev site for updates
  • Please don't ask to do anything, like PRs on the public repos.

When the 2023 project is ready to launch, I'll send an announcement on LinkedIn, via GitHub , and via the contacts collected on the "I'm interested form" on the AliceProject dot dev site (that I still have to code).