Ginger Kiwi Blog Redesign - Version 3.0

'Grey long haired cat peaking up over a laptop screen. The screen has a Git merging exercise on it and multiple tabs open. There's a set of white bookcases in the background. Some have solid doors, some have glass doors.'

Planned Updates for Fall 2023

It's almost time for yet another update to the Ginger Kiwi blog design. Right now I'm working on my dev portfolio site (, Yarn Help! 3.0 , plus a bit of work every week on The Alice in Wonderland Project.

Version 3.0 of this blog will include:

  • Update the image style for snippets.
  • Image assets: Better organization and file size optimization.
  • Dedicated pages for different topics with cards linking to each one on the home page.
  • A drafts folder inside the repo using a "draft" tag. Then all I have to do to publish an article is remove the tag and move the markdown file from the /drafts to the /blog folder. I've been keeping the drafts in a separate Obsidian vault from the one for this repo.
  • Dark and light theme toggle.
  • Fixing the issue with the heading levels so article titles are h2 or h3 on the home page and h1 on the individual article pages.
  • Updated design for the home page with more of a card format.
  • Mobile first.
  • Updated design for the article pages.
  • Including "skip to main content" and "prefers reduced motion" functions.
  • Add captions to images so those using OS built in text-to-speech can hear the alt text descriptions. MacOS screenreader doesn't read alt text. It just reads what the user can see.
  • Possibly creating a custom Prism.js theme for both the site and the Prism.js Open Source project.